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The Parish of Munslow
Munslow is a scattered rural parish in the heart of the Corvedale. It is an ancient township, giving its name to the ‘hundred of Munslow,’ which had various local and administrative functions for centuries. Today the parish comprises Munslow, Aston Munslow and the hamlets of Broadstone, Hungerford and Beambridge.
Munslow is the home of a 12th century parish church, dedicated to St Michael; with a ‘chapel of ease’ at Broadstone. In the parish there are over thirty Grade II (or above) listed buildings: two of these are the Crown Country Inn at Munslow and the Swan Inn at Aston Munslow. In the past, both have been used as courthouses.
Until 1982, the local children were educated at Munslow School but are now taught at the Corvedale School in a neighbouring village. There is a village shop and garage at Aston Munslow. There is infrequent public transport but there is a community minibus run by volunteers that provides access to local towns.

Munslow Parish Council

The complement for Munslow Parish Council is nine Councillors and they are elected or co-opted to serve the population of Munslow Parish which, at the time of 2011 census, was 386 inhabitants. The Parish Council meets at the Clubroom in Beambridge: its meetings start at 7.30pm and a list of the meetings dates can be found on the page entitled “Meetings” and Agendas for meetings at the “Agendas” page. Agendas are also placed on the three notice boards around the parish. Previously the Parish Council held meetings eleven times a year, but this has just been reduced to six times a year, from July 2015 onwards, in an effort to keep overheads to a minimum. Additional meetings can be summoned by the Chair if needed to deal with urgent business. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings, and 10 minutes is allocated in the Agenda for parishioners to raise issues with the parish councillors or the Shropshire Council Unitary Councillor, who attends many of the meetings. Contact details for the Clerk, the Councillors and the Unitary Councillor are contained on a separate page on this website.

The Councillors have a number of functions. First and foremost they are the “eyes and ears” of the parish: they report to the Highways Department when road signs are damaged or pot-holes need filling. They raise issues on behalf of parishioners with various statutory bodies or organisations. They care for the parish assets, including the war memorial, bus shelters, notice boards, the community car park in Aston Munslow and the Burial Ground in Munslow. The councillors also have a role in shaping the development of the community: they initiated a Parish Plan and they have a role in the planning process. All planning applications are considered by the Parish Councillors, who bring to bear their local knowledge of the parish when considering developments.

The Parish Council is led by its Chair (currently Cllr. Paul Smith) and in his absence by the Vice-Chair (currently Cllr. Richard Rallings). The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in May of each year, after the Annual Parish Meeting. Copies of the Minutes of the meetings are posted on the “Minutes” page of this website.



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